Hi! My name is Kellie and I am currently an undergraduate college student half way through my senior year.  I go to school at the University of Colorado at Boulder, but am from the east coast.  I love to be around friends, snowboard, hike, sit on the beach, take yoga classes and many other fun things.  During this semester I am taking a food and culture writing class and we had an assignment to write an ethnography on a theme of food blogs of our choice.  I followed unrefined food blogs for over a month, which got me interested in the lifestyle, as I learned it is more than just a diet it really is a lifestyle.  The bloggers were so positive and upbeat, they talked of their happiness and healthiness, which got me to thinking, that maybe I should try this.  So here I am. However, I am a college student who is low on time and certainly on a budget, therefore my journey of trying to eat unrefined is going to require me to be creative with some budget friendly options, and time saving ideas, but I am looking forward to it.