It is the time of the year for cookies and sweets.  How did I not think of that when I decided to start this diet?  Flour is a big NO especially the all purpose bleached flour.  This women’s health article about the difference between refined and unrefined carbohydrates draws a good realization as to what white flour is in our body.  Remember making paper mache as a kid, all you used was flour and water and it created the perfect sticky glue mixture, now think, that is what we are eating. 

Here is a site that will explain everything you want to know about refined white flour, how it is made, what is lost while it is made, the bleaching agents used and more.  It shocked me to hear that during the refining process, 14 different vitamins, 10 different minerals, and proteins are lost from the whole wheat but that’s not even the bad part.  The article goes on to explain the process of how the flour we buy in bags at the store comes to be.  Refined white flour is made from whole wheat grains by peeling off the entire husk and bran then crushing the white  grain.  Husk and bran are the most nutritious and fiber rich parts of the grain. The remaining part of grain is carbohydrate and not much else. Even the tiny bit of remaining nutrition in the part of grain is chemically bleached out. Then it is dried in the oven at high temperature which destroy any trace of nutrients that may remain there. When flour is chemically bleached, it is bleached similar to our clothes. As is so, bleaching leaves chemical residue in flour. So when a piece of white bread is eaten, chemical bleach residual in the flour is also eaten.

I must admit I love to bake, and I always used this flour to bake my cookies, breads, cakes etc.  Since I love to bake so much I have found a few replacements for unrefined flour.  It is very easy to find these recipes on the web or pre made mixes in the stores because gluten intolerance is so high now and days.  Here is a pre made mix that I have tried and really enjoyed. But here is a website with replacements for people with food allergies.  If you scroll to the bottom you will see the section on flour, there are different combinations for the different types of flour that you could use.  Give it a look.

As I was saying earlier, it is the season for cookies and candy.  So I decided the other morning that I was going to bake some cookies for the holidays.  We were all getting stressed with finals quickly approaching and who doesn’t love the smell of warm baking cookies in the oven and then the even better aftermath of eating them?  I found this recipe for almond butter dark chocolate chip cookies.  Don’t they sound delicious!

I have become a really big fan of almond butter. I grew up eating skippy reduced fat super chunky peanut butter, probably the worst kind I could eat.  I had at least a scoop if not more everyday, I LOVE peanut butter, so that was very hard for me because I have always known how bad peanut butter could be but just chose to ignore it.  Almond butter however is not too bad I have become accustomed to the taste.

Anyway, I baked the cookies and they were a huge hit!