Food shopping was a success.  I think because I was excited about the new change and the thoughts of the new foods I would be eating and trying I was not tempted to walk down the aisles that I usually do and pick up the regular staples in my diet. I think this is how everyone feels when they are beginning their new ‘diet’. The optimism and the excitement of starting a new journey and looking forward to the changes, now lets just hope this stays! As I have started eating this way I have become much more aware of the ingredients in products, some of which I have always known to be unhealthy but some which may surprise you.  Check out this interesting article I found about misleading products and what to look out for so that you don’t get fooled the way too many of us do regularly. 

A lot of what was mention in that article are items I used to regularly use or eat.  Taco seasoning, who thinks to make their own when you can buy that easy packet for 50 cents? It makes so much more sense though when you already have all of those spices in the spice rack, just make your own! What really stuck out to me was the oatmeal. I must admit I am guilty of buying the maple brown sugar instant Quaker oatmeal.  I have found a great substitution however!

To still give the same instant feel of ripping open one of the pre made packets but a healthier substitution, I have started making my own pre made packets in sandwich bags.  I will portion out a serving of oats, add a few shakes of cinnamon a handful of nuts and raisins and then zip up my bags.  Then when the morning comes and I want oatmeal I just grab a pot boil some milk and a dash of vanilla, dump in my pre made bag of oatmeal and within 5 minutes I am eating a much healthier portion of oatmeal.

making my own instant oatmeal

making my own instant oatmeal

It really doesn’t get much better than that for breakfast, it provides you the energy you need and keeps you full. (that is a big issue of mine, I get hungry very quickly if I don’t eat a big filling breakfast) The best part is it doesn’t get much cheaper as well as more time efficient which are big essentials in a college kids life, especially early in the morning.

Another great oatmeal substitution I have become a big fan of is breakfast quinoa.  This recipe is so simple and very good, plus it makes your house smell wonderful! I tend to make a big batch of it on Sunday nights or Monday mornings and then reheat it throughout the week for breakfast.