That is a good question! Since I have chosen to do this out of pure interest and curiosity and not because of a health factor or a way for loosing weight, I needed to do a little more research than just what other people are saying on their blogs.  I have read countless blogs boasting about the benefits that it has brought to their life, but I guess what I was missing was what is it that makes this this diet so beneficial?

I went to the internet with this question, and as usual with the internet I was inundated with information about why eating unrefined foods is beneficial. The first article I came across was the health benefits of eating unrefined nutritional food.  It explains that when we eat our digestive system breaks down the food and liquids in order to extract nutrients along with proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other elements.  If the food that you are ingesting is lacking these elements the body will become starved for these essential nutrients that it needs to function properly.  The issue with refined foods is that the vitamins and minerals that they contain are manmade and added back into them once the natural nutrients have been stripped.

I also found a research study on how a diet high in whole and unrefined foods favorably alters lipis, antioxidant defenses, and colon function.  The study compared the effects of a diet rich in chemicals that are found naturally in plants versus a refined-food diet on lipoproteins, antioxidant defenses and colon function. They had 12 women follow each of these diets strictly for four weeks.  The results were that there was a decrease in saturated fat by 61% during the unrefined diet, as well as, dietary fiber, vitamin E, vitamin C, and carotene intakes were considerably more.  Total cholesterol dropped 13% and colon function improved on the unrefined diet as well.  What this can conclude is that a diet that is abundant in foods that have chemicals that are found naturally in plants such as in unrefined products, beneficially affects lipoproteins, decreases the need for oxidative defense mechanisms and improves colon function.

After reading all of these I was well informed about why this diet produces the benefits that everyone was blogging about and I was convinced it was worth giving a try.  After all I am a college student who does not get enough sleep, is applying for a doctorate program that has introduced extreme levels of stress into my life, and doesn’t treat my body perfectly between weekend habits and not having enough time to always eat.  Taking some time to nourish my body correctly with a beneficial side effect of more energy, and better colon and digestive health is probably the best decision I’ve made all year.